Paper Airplane

And the boys go on and on

"I believed from the first reading of the script that this film would be a classic. I wanted the clothes to be fresh and modern, but not especially wedded to 2008, when it was filmed. It was important that the audience believe what she is wearing are pieces she can afford. Summer is inventive, the kind of woman who reuses clothes that are out of date, and scours thrift stores and urban craft markets and ethnic stores that are unique to downtown Los Angeles.She has the confidence to be herself, to know what she likes and to wear only that, which is never fussy or overly accessorized. Her Midwestern roots are reflected in her clothing’s lack of pretension—not overly sexualized or on the make. She wears the kind of shoes a young woman without a car and relying on public transportation would wear”. - Hope Hanafin, costume designer.

(Source: summerfinns, via anmnesias)